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In seven short months, our dream to purchase naming rights on a door in the new Children’s Center has become a reality. Dana’s family, friends and community have surpassed our goal of $10,000. Continuing on this journey, our next goal is to purchase a mature tree (or trees) in Dana’s honor at the new Center. Providing green space at the Center will benefit the children, families and staff. Studies show when we have a view of trees out our window we heal faster and with less complications. Children with ADHD show fewer symptoms when they have access to nature. It is documented that 1 in 10 children will suffer abuse and/or neglect. It is our hope that Dana’s Tree will provide healing and wellness for our most vulnerable children. If you do not know Dana’s personal story it is a story of a CPS Investigator who met Pancreatic Cancer head on… it is the story of a young lady who had just graduated from college and selected for her first job at Texas Health and Human Resources. It is the story of a young lady who was rapidly indoctrinated into a world of abuse and neglect toward children. Could she have taken her degree and gone elsewhere? Made more money? Yes …. Absolutely but she chose to stay and advocate for these children. Your donations are twofold. Donations provide a better future for these children and help Dana’s story to live. Thanks a million for all you have done and all you will do!

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About This Campaign


Since 1993, our center has served hundreds of children from hard places. Our center has continued to evolve and develop to meet the growing and changing needs of our community's most vulnerable children. In the past few years, the number of children referred to our CASA and Children's Advocacy Center has more than doubled.

As we think and dream about the future, we know there is a need for a larger facility….one where we have room for all of our staff and services, as well as room to co-locate with our multidisciplinary team members from CPS, law enforcement, prosecution, medical and mental health. As the population of our community grows, we anticipate that the number of children we will be called upon to serve will also continue to grow.

In 2017, we formed a Facility Task Force that started the process of finding our new home. This team of board, staff and community members toured several other CASA and Children's Advocacy Centers in the north Texas area to learn what features we would want in our new place. Preliminary drawings for our new place were drafted up, taking into account all we learned and dreamed about. Our team checked out existing buildings and searched for land that would be suitable for our new place. We made several asks and offers for about two years, but nothing worked out. In hindsight, we see that it was a blessing that none of other other land deals came to fruition.

In December 2019, we received a wonderful donation of land from Roy and Jan Reimer. The land is about 8 acres in all, at the corner of Lee and Albert Broadfoot in Bonham. It's just south of the old golf course and east of the Bonham High School baseball field. It's a great location, near two schools and centrally located in town.

In February 2020, we purchased a small lot that is adjacent to the donated land. In June 2020, Hammett Excavation donated their services to demolish the condemned house on this corner property.

In early 2020, we began the search for an architect to help us bring our dream to life. The start of the pandemic briefly paused our efforts, but by July 2020, we selected MJMC Architects, PLLC and the planning process started! We are excited to have some preliminary drawings ready and hope to have the estimated cost of our project figured out soon.

Your monthly or one-time donation will be used build our new facility. With your gift, we will be ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead so that kids from hard places will always have a safe place and someone on their side to help them as they heal and grow.

Gifts can be made on-line here. We also accept cash and checks at the center.

Goals for our new facility:

• Waiting Areas - expanded and separate waiting areas to improve safety, comfort and confidentiality

• Office Space - increased office space for additional staff to keep up with the growing needs of victims and our community

• Co-location with Multidisciplinary Team - increased office space to allow for co-location with CPS, law enforcement, prosecution and medical professionals

• Medical Exam Room - addition of a medical exam room so victims of physical and sexual abuse will no longer have to travel out of county for non-acute specialized medical exams. (Acute exams, which are needed when the last known abuse happened in less than 120 hours, will still be referred to hospitals in neighboring counties that have specially trained medical personnel.)

• Conference Rooms - larger conference room and additional smaller conference rooms for the multiple trainings and meetings held at our center as well as for other uses such as our annual Christmas and School Supply Drives.

• Therapy Rooms - increased number of rooms designated and designed for specialized trauma focused therapy for victims and their protective family members.

• Rainbow Room - larger room to hold new clothing, diapers, shoes and other items needed by children and families and adjustable shelving and hanging racks to better adapt to the fluctuating inventory in our room.

• Outdoor Space - our current center has no usable outdoor space; the new facility will have secured space designed for several purposes, including therapy for children and families, play and break time for our facility dog Render and stress-relieving and team building time for the staff, volunteers and partner agency professionals

• Parking - there will be ample parking for all who come to the center, including those who are disabled. There will be separate, secured parking area for the staff and professionals who regularly work at the center.

• Natural Lighting - greatly increased amount of natural lighting

• Storage - much more storage space planned

• Safety, Security and Confidentiality - improved building design and technology to greatly improve safety, security and confidentiality

• Future growth - the building will be designed with future growth in mind, so that additional offices or meeting rooms can simply be added on to the existing building when needed. In addition, new space will be designed and equipped so that spaces can more easily be re-purposed in the future as needs change.